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PlayStation VR – The Fixed Location Opportunity

A new report from the Wall Street Journal notes that Sony are looking to commercialize PlayStation VR by bringing the product to entertainment facilities. The company has set up a location based entertainment unit to do this. https://www.wsj.com/articles/sony-goes-commercial-to-realize-the-potential-of-its-virtual-reality-headset-1491378818 PlayStation VR adoption has been strong among the core gamer crowd on PlayStation 4 with shipments exceeding…

Project Scorpio – ZhugeEX Notes

Microsoft has unveiled the specifications of Project Scorpio via Eurogamer / Digital Foundry. http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/digitalfoundry-2017-project-scorpio-tech-revealed I think it was a good idea to get the specs mumbo jumbo out of the way for the super hardcore fans and just let the official reveal be about the games, experience and USP’s. We’ll get this more structured and…

China’s Mobile Game Regulations – Half a year on

With the GMGC Global Games Congress, a conference and platform for game developers, publishers, investors, distributors, and other companies to form lasting co-operations through access to new fervent markets, taking place in Beijing this week I thought I’d look back at what is without a doubt the biggest change to take place in China’s mobile…

The 4 Things a Great Mobile eSports Title Needs in China

Mobile eSports has grown to such an extent in China that it has become its own segment, separate from PC-based eSports. The Chinese government was quick to recognize the growing Mobile eSports market and the Ministry of Culture created the Mobile eSports Game Association in early 2016. The first Chinese Mobile eSports Games (CMEG) conference…

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