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The 4 Things a Great Mobile eSports Title Needs in China

Mobile eSports has grown to such an extent in China that it has become its own segment, separate from PC-based eSports. The Chinese government was quick to recognize the growing Mobile eSports market and the Ministry of Culture created the Mobile eSports Game Association in early 2016. The first Chinese Mobile eSports Games (CMEG) conference…

Top Predictions for the 2017 Digital Games Market in China and Southeast Asia

In celebration of Niko Partners 15th anniversary of delivering clients high-integrity market intelligence on the Chinese and Southeast Asian digital games industry, Niko Partners has written our Top 15 predictions about the 2017 digital games industry in the markets we cover: Mainland China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam. Original Link: http://nikopartners.com/niko-partners-top-predictions-2017-digital-games-market-china-southeast-asia/ To receive more…

What analysts think about Super Mario Run

This article will look at Nintendo’s strategy for smartphones and attempt to explain how Super Mario Run has performed in the app store.   Nintendo have three goals with their smartphone games: 1. Have more consumers experience Nintendo IP 2. Aim for Smartphone games to be profitable on their own 3. Drive synergy with traditional…

China’s New Online Gaming Regulations

China’s Ministry of Culture released an updated set of rules last week that are set to go into effect on May 1st 2017. The new regulations are aimed at online game operators such as NetEase, ensuring that they comply with the existing and new laws in the online games industry. The Ministry of Culture noted…

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